Software Versions

Version 2.0(b)
Current Version
Packaged in either a DVD-sized case or a 9x12 booklet (depending on where it was purchased). The Table of Contents, Music files (in PDF format) and biographical/background information are the same as Version 2(a). The cover artwork is updated and the registration process (for the eStand® files) has been removed.
Version 2.0(a) Packaged in a DVD-sized case. The front cover of the case looks like the image at the left. The banner "Version 2.0" is on the front of the case. Those copies of version 2.0 that have the word eStand® printed on the cover have eStand® files in addition to the Acrobat (PDF) files, and need to be registered (These are no longer being sold by CD Sheet Music™). Those that do not have eStand® printed on the cover do not need to be registered.

Version 2 supercedes Version 1 and has enhanced, interactive navigation from the Table of Contents. All known errors and omissions have been corrected. In addition, there is biographical and background information on the composers, works and instruments from the 1911 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians on each disk.

Users experiencing registration problems with the Version 2(a) disks may return the disks (please only send the disks and retain the packaging) for a replacement disk plus a discount coupon for future purchases to:

Subito Music Corp.
60 Depot St.
Verona, NJ 07044

attn: Version 2a replacement

Version 1 This is the original version of CD Sheet Music™. Identified by packaging in a typical CD "jewel case" (clear plastic). The label does not indicate any version. This version of CD Sheet Music™ was upgraded to Version 2 in 2005 and is no longer supported.